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Ultra Dance Murder Legacy

is a challenging twin stick arcade shooter with a fantastic heart pounding 80's styled synthwave soundtrack by Three Chain Links, glitch art, dance inspired combat, and local multiplayer gameplay that either builds or destroys friendships. Don't have friends? That's fine, AI will always be your friend. Set in a futuristic antivirus immune system where you are tasked to quarantine and eliminate all threats to the central operating system, even if it takes one restart after another. Play either with or without an XBOX360 gamepad.

If you like the soundtrack support James by listening to his music on bandcamp!

And if you enjoyed playing the game please vote for the remastered version on greenlight!


Late December 2014 Ultra Dance Murder had a very small conceptual build which was shown at Colorado Clutch Con, a gaming convention, and got some positive feedback and attention there. Therefore, the development continued!

Greenlight campaign

On August 28th 2015 StevenHarmonGames put Ultra Dance Murder on Greenlight in order to have a chance at getting the game published on Steam. It didn't get enough votes yet, but nevertheless you can still vote now for the new rebuilt game!


The game's greenlight was a learning experience in marketing and is currently in a sort of limbo. The game was put on hold for some time. However, January of 2016 Steven decided to scrap all progress made on udm up to that point and remake the game better than originally envisioned. The remake of the game is now expected to release by Spring of 2017. However the original feature complete finished version of the old UDM is free to play here.


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Pretty intense! Glitchy at times (d'oh ^^).

Hi Steven here, sorry about the odd gamepad troubles. It auto detects how many gamepads you have to determine if you need to play with AI or not. And it's a bug with the actual gamepad drivers that think there's multiple gamepads plugged in when there really is not. There is full mouse and keyboard support with a reticle to help you aim and navigate the menu, but you have to unplug all gamepads and restart the game to have it work. I admit though that the legacy version is not user friendly at all for gamepads (with the whole B to quit to menu), but this is why I wanted to remake the game. All of the issues from lack of guns, terrible movement, cant sneak past AI, etc... is all fixed in the new version I'm trying to get greenlit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOZwfGe4L7.