A downloadable game for Windows and Android


A long form 6DOF VR film about finding digital comfort in dire distress

A recreation of found footage from a 2-year-old livestream for the Oculus Quest


  • Experience the claustrophobia, boredom, and fear of being stuck
  • Discover coping mechanisms for isolation in confined spaces firsthand
  • Embrace the expanse of time and develop an appreciation for open space


My freshman year I was stuck in an elevator for an hour. 32 minutes of that hour I streamed live from the inside of that elevator while emergency services got to work. I'm not an influencer or even an extrovert, but I thought whether it be dying for the vine or killing time I knew I didn't want to be alone. So, I opened up Facebook live and streamed for the very first time. To stay calm I joked about making a VR game about my experiences and two years later I found myself in a class called CTAN 504 Virtual Reality Production where I was able make good on that two year old promise. An interdepartmental collaboration with Thorton School of Music, John. C. Hench Animation Division, and the Interactive Entertainment and Games Division.


Steven Harmon – Developer

Isaac Mailach https://isaacmailach.im/  – Composer

Sterling (Michael) Maffe https://www.sterlingmaffe.com/ –  Composer

Bethany Lai & Leon Cruz – Mocap Tech Assistants

Eric Hanson & John Brennan – Faculty Advisors

Presskit available here

Behind the scenes here #madewithunity

Install instructions

Must enable developer mode & sideload .apk manually or via SideQuestVR


Stuck.apk 349 MB
Stuck - RiftS.zip 359 MB

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