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Thank you for the awesome and wholesome game keep it up


What are your PC's specs? The game isn't any more demanding hardware wise than your average Unity game. Practically everything is fairly low poly and untextured so I'm not sure why you'd experience that issue. Perhaps you were running other background programs that contributed to the crash? Maybe your drivers aren't up to date?

I enjoyed this game! Here's a full playthrough of mine on the game. 

Amazing short game that has a nice story to it! I liked it! Good JOB!


Gave it a go...

It's fun but I noticed you can trap yourself in the old mans house before he closes the door, with no way out.


Shouldn't have been tresspassing... Now the old man will trap and murder you and use the Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground law to avoid charges. This is the bad ending. ;)

I've been baited... I took that literally and was trying to achieve it ๐Ÿ˜‚

This is one of those games where you don't really know what you're going to get, but are really excited to find out!

I'm happy to report that what I discovered when playing Post Hello is that it's an uplifting, friendly, wonderful and slightly odd (in the best possible way) experience that really does have to be played to be believed!

Unsurprisingly, you take on the role of a postman who's trudging along day by day, payslip to payslip, exhausted and worn down. But, just ahead of us lies an opportunity to make the world just a little bit happier. And a little bit friendlier.

It's so wholesome, I had the best time playing it and left feeling pretty motivated and positive! Which is, what I hope, was meant to be the feeling I felt!

Of course, it's possible that you can take the story in different directions, so I'll leave those other possible futures in your hands, but I really do urge you all to give this one a try, because it's so unique! And so worth your time!

Keep up the awesome work Steven (and everyone else who helped on this slice of wonderment!) =)

the game wouldn't download for me? i have a mac and i tried downloading the game from two links for the mac, but once i tried opening the game, it would show the intro credits then crash. i was really excited to play. any help?


I don't have a mac, but as soon as I get back to school this fall I can test it there. Meanwhile, I know the windows builds works fine (albeit a bug or two, haha).

This was such a cool, cute yet thought provoking game! I think it has a deeper meaning which is pretty neat! I enjoyed it lots ๐Ÿ˜Š my gameplay is below if you wanna check it out ๐Ÿ˜Š

This was interesting. Had a good story to it and looked really nice. Controlling the arm felt weird but it did work. Sound was good. Overall a cool little project. Nice one... :)

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Out of curiosity I went visiting. My character got stuck in the old man's house next door to little girl's house. Door closed before I got out then I couldn't leave. Right click of my mouse let me see my mail truck with message saying Go Home. When I let go of right click I couldn't see it. I could see the front yards and if I clicked around, the big white circle was there on the lawn. I could tell my character was following but could not see him. It was sort of funny that he got stuck in the grouchy old man's house. Btw it was funny because I could just imagine the old man chasing me around swinging his cane at me. LOL

*secret ending*

secret to the developers too haha...


my favorite part of the game is gettingfalling out of the bed in the morning.


Hey there. Just played your game. It's a simple game, but I think it teaches a good lesson. When you get stuck in that depressing work pattern, it can be hard. But, I feel like the small decisions we made in the game really characterized who we are and what we can become.

On an unimportant note, my character would sometimes slide around without me doing anything.

Thanks for the great lets play. Yeah, I'm aware of that issue, but it only appears a fraction of the time and I'm still unsure what causes it. Therefore it was something I ignored to reach the deadline for my class. However, maybe if I get free time I'll try patching it.


Very short but very cute game! Love how it touched on depression without making it too.. distressing? Not sure how to word that but good job.


To be honest, I've never really thought of it like that. The breakfast dialogue was mostly me just writing how I felt while working on the game. I I really didn't intend for it to address that. Suppose I can't escape making games with depressed protagonists... :|

Well done. can you do 2D games too ?

Not sure why you're asking, but yeah. Here are some examples of my 2D work

I'm looking for people who can handle the game-engine or code part to make something, if interested check out my stuff

is cool game 


boring not-game

What's your definition of a game? I'm not offended, just curious.

game is fun. your game not have fun. your game is not game. ez!!111


What is your definition of fun? What elements are always required for something to be fun?