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my balls stuck




I dont get how to get inside the pc I pressed left and right both at the same time and still nothing happens


Oh, it'll just automatically, pull you in if you just get near the pc.

Besides polishing it up, any idea for small content updates to this game, or no?

I submitted the game to a small expo my school puts on at the end of the semester. If it gets selected I'll finish it. This was just one level of four. I had already completed the second, but without the other two, it would have been out of place. Long story short the remaining scenes involve: a dead erect horse, a fall drive, and sentient pinball.

This is really fun, I love pinball. My sister and I thought the animal animation in the balloon was so funny! The music was good, but when it changed and added some percussion and then a second beat, it was really cool! The last part with the ramp was too hard, I couldn't get it. (I blame the glitchy paddle physics and ball camera.) Was this an art project, for school, or just for fun?


I had a week to make a pinball game for a class assignment. There was  more I wanted to make and I definitely wanted to polish everything a bit more, but perhaps when I get some free time I'll make an update.

what the hell is this

it's a game, as most things on this site are

Yes, I know, but I mean, what is it. This confuses me. I like it, I just don't know what the hell it is supposed to be in the sense that its a game.

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Perfection. Just kidding, I don't know either.

Wow, thats pretty hot.