A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You play as a skater on the brink of life and death collecting aesthetics to reach enlightenment in skate-purgatory whilst trying to expiate your sins, help lost souls, find meaning in life and closure in death. A vaporwave experience.


You can literally skate whatever surface you want, kind of like that one city scene in INCEPTION. The game's control scheme is simple and accessible for everyone while also offering the depth to those who want to line up and flick dank tricks whilst controlling their board midair.


A game where you can just skate without even worrying about the objectives and listen to the amazing lineup of songs with the in-game player driven radio from over 25 artists while taking in the open world skate map full of intentional and unintentional great skate spots to discover.

Including music from...


Q: What is VAPORWAVE? A: Long Answer - Vaporwave is an electronic music subgenre that originated during the early 2010's on the internet. It is characterized by a nostalgic & surrealist fascination with retro design, consumer capitalism, existentialism, and popular culture. Art that embraces low poly, VHS, cassette tapes, Japanese neo tokyo, cyberpunk tropes. Short answer - Slowed down sampling of lounge music, smooth jazz, 80s music, elevator music, and a certain je ne sais quoi. Shorter answer - A lifestyle.

Q: How should I play the game?
A: Just skate, relax, and contemplate your existence.

Q: Will this game fill the immeasurable empty void that is life?
A: /music plays


Griptape Backbone Win.zip 523 MB
Griptape Backbone Mac.zip 527 MB
Griptape Backbone Linux.zip 525 MB

Install instructions

Download, Extract, Open executable, contemplate your existence.

May need to whitelist the game from antivirus and try re downloading if you encounter errors. Not a virus, just not popular enough yet to be trusted. :(


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'did you just assume my OS?' epic bro

This was awesome!


Hello, I work on a small podcast where I like to interview indie dev's and their projects, would you like to do an episode? My contact info is on profile and link to my channel.


when you get the hang of it it is one of the best skating games!


i never stoppd beliving in u tony hank



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Lol i just made an account to comment on this. I loved this game so much, so many things to do and discover. I really enjoyed it and i can tell love went into it. Props to u!


:'D Thank you. Comments like yours make my day.