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Why did you make this?

Most books on game development are technical and become deprecated very quickly, and those that aren’t, tend to be wrapped up in theory and academic jargon. I wanted to create a comprehensive free guide to game development that would serve as a practical resource to revisit during the highs and lows of all stages (not just production) of one’s personal journey into gamedev.

Thank you! Can I donate?

That's very kind, you can support me directly by playing and recommending my games, but please show some love and financial support to GaymerX, a non-profit, who I originally made this for. 

Can we get this in X language?

The Chinese translation was done with the help of my friend 凌岚 and is also hosted on IndieNova. If anyone is interested in helping me translate this I'd be willing to recreate the illustrations in that language.

From production & practical advice to theory, self care, and business

this book has got you covered!

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